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About Us

About Us

Physio for Kids is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of infants, toddlers, and children with a variety of developmental, neuromuscular, congenital, or acquired disorders and injuries.

Therapy sessions are individualized and tailored to address the needs of the child and families. 


Our treatments focus on improving mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, gross motor skills, cognition, motor planning, confidence, motivation, and more.


Most importantly, treatment sessions and assessments are fun and play-based.

We believe that parents play an important role in the child's rehabilitation and we are committed to developing a program that can be followed at home.

While a referral from your Family Doctor or Pediatrician is not mandatory, we like to work closely with all health care professionals to provide the best care for your children. We will provide our assessment and progress reports to the referring physician.


Milena Perini BSc , PT

Milena has over 20 years of physiotherapy experience. She has worked in paediatric, Acute Care, NICU, and early intervention services. She has also experience in NDT (Neurodevelopment Treatment), Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy, and Dance Therapy. 

Milena has worked in Brazil, the USA, and Canada.


She has experience in a wide variety of paediatric conditions including early childhood development, neuromuscular conditions, genetic disorders, prematurity, toe-walking, torticollis, coordination disorders, and musculoskeletal.


She believes that kids learn best through fun and play. She loves to come up with creative ways to engage kids in their sessions.


Outside of physiotherapy Milena has a passion for dance and is a former ballet and tap teacher. Milena moved to Canada 21 years ago with her husband and is a proud mom of 2 kids (and 2 dogs). She loves to travel, explore new cultures, and meet new people. 


Contact Us

Physio for Kids

4801 Lakeshore Place 

Kelowna -BC

Cel: 250-2126342

FAX: 778-6530616

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