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Newborn Baby

Baby Wellness and Milestone checks

A baby motor development assessment to see where your baby is in terms of their gross motor skills. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about positioning, play, motor milestones and get tips on how to work on the next skills.


This results when the muscles one side of a baby’s neck is tighter than the other, causing the baby to favour looking in one direction. The physiotherapist can assess your baby’s neck to see where the tightness is coming from and then provide appropriate education, positioning ideas and exercises.


Flattening on one side of the baby’s head or directly on the back. This can be associated with torticollis. The physiotherapist can assess your baby to see if the flattening is related to shortened neck muscles, provide positioning tips, exercises ,obtain specific measurements and track their head-shape progress.


Hypotonia means decreased muscle tone. It can be a condition on its own, called benign congenital hypotonia, or it can be indicative of another problem where there is progressive loss of muscle tone, such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. It is usually detected during infancy.

Gross Motor Delays

Pre-term infant

Smiling Baby
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